Cross Canyon Arms is home of the Tejas, the fastest, flattest, hardest hitting cartridges on the planet. This is one of the many features that sets Cross Canyon Arms apart and out in front of the rest. Tejas isn’t just about speed, its about performance, and achieving the best capable performance of each caliber. A straighter case and sharper shoulder equate to a more efficient powder burn, less bolt thrust, lessened throat erosion, larger case volume, and increased velocity.

Simply put the “Tejas Round” is a bigger, badder version of its little sister counter part. With an average of 10% more case capacity and up to 300 fps faster, if your looking to increase your rifles performance, Tejas is exactly what you need! Nothing shoots faster, nothing hits harder, nothing out performs Tejas, combine this with Cross Canyon Arms super accurate rifles on our own custom action and you’ve got the ultimate shooting platform for the confidence you need to take that long shot, when getting closer just isn’t an option!

Here’s a list of examples of Tejas Cartridges:

22 Tejas
80 gr Berger VLD @ 3795 fps with 2566 ft-lb’s muzzle energybullets

6.5 Tejas
140 gr Berger VLD @ 3530 fps 3875 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
140gr Nosler Accubond @ 3250 fps with 3284 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

7mm Tejas Short Mag
168 gr Berger VLD @ 3250 fps with 3941 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
160 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3120 fps with 3442 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

7mm Tejas
180 gr Berger VLD @ 3510 fps with 4925 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

300 Tejas Short Mag
168 gr Berger VLD @ 3400 fps with 4312 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

300 Tejas
168 gr Berger VLD @ 3600 fps with 4628 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
180 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3325 fps with 4543 ft-lbs muzzle energy
200 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3260 fps with 4960 ft-lbs muzzle energy
210 gr Berger VLD @ 3250 fps with 4836 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

375 Tejas
260 gr Nosler Accubond @ 3043 fps with 5347 ft-lb’s muzzle energy
300 gr Barnes Bullet @ 2995 fps with 5977 ft-lb’s muzzle energy

The above list is just a sample to the wide variety of Tejas Cartridges from .17 caliber all the way to the huge 50 Tejas (50 BMG). Our list is ever growing with newer powders coming available. We are constantly updating and adding to our list so check back soon.